How to connect Simple Salon to Payleadr


Gaining new clients is important, but keeping your existing clients is even more beneficial to your business. Salon Memberships is the next evolution for salons and a must-have when it comes to client retention and revenue projection and predictability.

Think Blow Dry Memberships—your clients pay you an ongoing weekly, fortnightly or monthly fee in exchange for a set number of blow dries per time period. Or how about a Loyalty Membership where your clients pay a membership subscription in exchange for discounted services and products. You can set the membership pricing structure and inclusions however you like.

To manage the direct debit side of things, we have partnered with Payleadr—the experts in Direct Debit Memberships for Salons.

This article will show you how to connect your Simple Salon account to Payleadr.


How to connect Simple Salon to Payleadr


Log into your Simple Salon account and click the light blue circle in the top right corner and choose Account.



From the Actions menu, under the Membership Add-Ons section click Payleadr.



On the right side panel click Connect to Payleadr.



The right side panel will display the Payleadr Integration status as Pending. Click Save.



Payleadr will have sent you an email. You need to follow the prompts in the email to complete the connection. Open the email, scroll down and click Complete Sign-Up.



Select your business type and then click Start Application.



Fill out the form.



Once you have filled out all required fields, click Submit.



You will be notified that your application is being processed by Payleadr. This might take them up to a couple of days, so sit tight until they connect your new Payleadr account to Simple Salon.



Once Payleadr has completed the application process and connection, you can go back to your Account page, under Actions choose Payleadr, and your status will display as Connected.



Now you are ready to create your Salon Memberships.

Click here to learn how to create your Salon Memberships.

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