Setting up Multi-Client appointments—Classes & Sessions


The multi-client feature allows you to create a service which you can book multiple clients into at the same time.

An example might be a Fitness Class. You can make the one appointment in an operator's column, however, multiple client names can be booked into it.

Creating a Multi-Client Service

To create the multi-client service go to Admin then Services. You'll need to create a Category for the Service to go into if you haven't already. Then click New:


Fill out service details on right side panel and click Multiple Clients. Tick Allow Multiple Clients and you can set the maximum number of clients per booking, and Save:


Booking a Multi-Client Appointment

To book the multi-client appointment, go to your Appointments page and click a time slot in an operator column. On the right-side panel click Add Multi-Client Session.


Double click the service from the pop-up window and click Confirm.


Here is what it will look like once it's booked in.


To add clients to the service, click the service name on the appointment and then click the Clients tab:


Search for the first client and click their name when it is displayed.


Keep doing this to add all the clients who are booking in for this multi-client appointment/class.

What each flag and option means:

  • Arr stands for Arrived - so tick this when the client arrives. Their row will be highlighted in green.
  • Conf stands for Confirmed - tick this when they confirm their appointment.
  • If you click the client name you will see their Visit Details.
  • Click the red light if the client is paying - they will be added to POS.
  • The red cross will delete them from the booking. 


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