Where to View Completed Forms


Once a client has submitted their form, you can view it via their client card, or from an existing appointment on the Appointments page.

Client Card

1. Search for the client in Client Search, and navigate to thier Client Card.

2. Click the Actions menu, like so:


3. Choose Forms from the Actions drop-down menu.

4. Click Completed next to the form you want to view:


This will take you over to view their completed form:


Via the Appointments page

1. Click on the clients name on their appointment on the Appointments page. 

2. In the Visit Details window, click the Forms tab.

3. Click the Completed link next to the form that you want to view:


This will take you over to view their completed form:


That's all there is to it!

To learn more about what you can do with forms in Simple Salon, you can check out our Forms Overview.

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