Form Customisation - Edit Form Colours, Change Form SMS Template


In this article, we'll show you how to customise your forms colours, as well as how to edit the SMS template that is used to manually send a form to your client.

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Edit Form Colours

Change Form SMS Template

Edit Form Colours

Go to Settings:


Then to Forms Settings:


Simply click on the colour box, and choose your colours!

You can use the slider to choose any colour or hue that you need:


Click Save once you're done.

Great! The new colour settings will be reflected the next time you create or preview a form.

Change Form SMS Template

When you manually SMS a form to a client, it uses the Default SMS Client Form.

If you'd like to edit this default template, go to Admin, then to Lists:


Click the Select List dropdown menu, and choose SMS & Email Templates:

Locate the Default SMS Client Form template, and click Copy:


While in the SMS Template editor, you can make changes to the template as nessecary:


Important: Do not remove the #FormLink# tag. This is what adds the relevant forms link to send to the client.

Once you're done, click Save.

Now we need to set it up as the template to go out to clients.

Go to Settings:


Then to Forms Settings.

Click the SMS Send Template dropdown menu, and choose the new template you've just made:


Click Save once you're done!

Done! The next form you send will use your new template.

To learn more about what you can do with forms in Simple Salon, you can check out our Forms Overview.

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