How to Automatically Send a Form via SMS


Automating the process of sending forms via SMS can save you time and resources, while also ensuring seamless communication with your customers.

This guide outlines the necessary steps to achieve this, allowing you to collect data, feedback, or survey results efficiently through SMS.

Forms can be sent automatically by using any of the 1 Touch Marketing options available to you.

You can find these via Admin, then SMS & Email:


If you're not sure of what any of the 1 Touch Marketing options mean, click here to learn more.

How to add a form link to an SMS Template

In this example we'll use the Appointment Follow Up option to send clients a survey.

However the steps will be the same no matter which 1 Touch Marketing option you choose. You just need to use a different template.

Tip: If you're not sure what the default template of a 1-Touch Marketing option is (or you're not sure what custom template is currently selected), click Edit next to any of the 1 Touch Marketing options to check.


Go to Admin.

Then Lists.

From the Select List dropdown menu, choose SMS & Email Templates:


Now, find the relevant SMS Template, and click the Copy button:


(If you've already created a custom template and you just want to update it, click Edit instead)

In the SMS Template editor, update the text as nessecary.

Then to insert the form link, click the Add Tag dropdown menu:


Scroll until you see the Create Form Link For: options:


Simply click the relevant Create Form Link For: option, and it will be inserted into the template, like so:


We'd recommend sending yourself a preview, so you can see what the text looks like with the link in the SMS:


Click Save when you're happy with your text and the placement of the link.

Now you need to set the template up as the one that sends to clients.

Go back to 1 Touch Marketing (Admin, then SMS & Email).

Click Edit next to the relevant option:


Under SMS Template, click the dropdown menu, and find the template you've just created:


Click Save, and you're done!

Now the next time this 1 Touch Marketing SMS gets sent to clients, it will include the form link you've just included.

To learn where to go to view client's forms, click here!

Otherwise to see our other Forms articles, you can check out our Forms Overview.

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