How to export data


If you would like to export data from Simple Salon, you can do so via your Marketing page as well as from your reports in your Report List, under Reporting.

The following headings will outline the steps for exporting your data.


Client List

You can download your client list for free by going to Marketing and click All Clients. Choose Export or Print.


You can download service information for free by going to Admin, then click on the Services tab. Now choose Export or Print to download the full list of services.


You can download your products by going to Reporting, then into your Report List. Click the Stock On Hand Report and Export or Print.



You can download your operator information for free by going to Admin, then choose the Operators tab. Once in the Operators tab, click Export or Print to download the full list operators.


Sales History

You can download sales information for by going to the Reporting, then into your Report List. Choose the Sales Report. Once the report loads, enter in the date range and click Show. Once the information loads, click Export or Print to download.


Single File Export—Client History

If you would like your client history, this is something we will need to do for you. The Single File Export is a single file clients history as far back as two years. The file will be exported in CSV format. The cost of this file is $99.

If you have any questions, please send them to us from your Help & Support page by clicking Submit a Request.

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