Enabling Advanced Discounting and Creating Discount Types


The Simple Salon customisable Advanced Discounting feature will help you set up and keep track of all your discounts. You can create special discounts for your clients such as a "limited time" offer, or as part of a broader marketing campaign, for targeted client groups - the choice is yours!

Enabling your Advanced Discounting Feature

To turn on this great feature, go to your Settings page (click the icon on the top right corner):


Then click on Cash Register Settings. Tick Enable Advanced Discounting and Save.


Creating Discount Types

Next you'll need to create your Discount Types. To do that go to your Admin page, select your Lists tab, and click Discount Types (this example shows some discount types have already been created).

To create a new discount type select New. You have your Standard Options, and your Advanced Options.

Fill in the details for your discount. You can either create a Percentage discount (e.g. 10% off) or your can create a Dollar discount (e.g. $10 off). Remember to Save.


If you would like to utilise the Advanced Options, click the (+) at the bottom. You will see a selection of additional options which can be applied to the discount.


These powerful options allow you to restrict the discount to apply only to certain days of the week, or for a limited period of time (Limited Date Range). In addition, the discount might apply to special Client Categories and you can set the discount so that it is applied automatically at POS when the criteria you have set is applicable. (i.e as per above example)

Once you have created your discount, click Save.

You can also make Discount Type's apply to specific products and/or services by simply clicking the Items link next to the discount type.


Then click the New option to start adding the products and/service to the discount type from the right side panel.


Note: If you decide to assign specific discount items to this discount type, then you won't be able to choose this discount type in POS. You will need to create a second discount type which doesn't have items attached so that it can be applied to any item in POS.

How to Add Discounts Types in POS

If you don't tick the Apply Automatically box when creating your Discount Types, you can apply the discount at POS.

While in POS, simply click the row the item/service is on to bring up the Edit Service Item window:


Then you can use the Discount Type dropdown menu to select your chosen discount as shown above, and then Save. You'll now see that the discount has been applied to the item, and you can go ahead and finalise the sale as normal.


Keeping Track of Applied Discounts Types

So now you have created your discount, how do you track how many times the discount has been used? Or if you are running a special discount promotion, how popular it is?

Simply go to your Reporting Section and click on the Report Lists Tab, and open the Advanced Discount Report.


Here you will be able to select a date range and see how popular a particular discount promotion has been and which operators are using it.

Click Show Details next to any Discount Type to view more information such as Clients or Items:


This is a fantastic way to keep track of an advertised discount, possible as part of an email or SMS campaign as you will be able to see the take-up rate and how popular it's been with bringing in new or reoccurring business.

Use your Advanced Discounting feature and start promoting your special discount offers today!

 If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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