Uploading Files or Images to a Client's Client Card


Simple Salon allows you to upload files and images to your client's Client Card, using the Document & Photo Management feature.

You can also upload files and images to appointments. Click here to see how!

The first step is to search for the client and click their name in the Search Results.

Then, in the Actions menu of the client's Client Card, click Images/Files.


To upload an Image, simply click the Screen_Shot_2020-08-27_at_4.57.13_pm.png icon in the Images section.

Similarly, to upload a file, click the Screen_Shot_2020-08-27_at_4.57.13_pm.png icon in the Files section:


After selecting the upload option (Screen_Shot_2020-08-27_at_4.57.13_pm.png) in either section, you'll be prompted to drag and drop your images or files, or you can also select the Browse option to find the files/images on your computer or device. You can drag and drop multiple images at a time:


Once the file(s) or image(s) have been uploaded, it will display in the relevant section—the most recently uploaded file/image will display first.

Simply click on a file or image to view it.


Selecting the Screen_Shot_2020-08-27_at_4.57.13_pm.png icon in the Images section will display your images in list format, where you can Download, Edit or Delete an image:


You can also view these files via any of the client's appointments. Simply click the client's name on their appointment and click Images/Files in the pop-up Visit Details window.

When you view the files or images via a client's appointment, the most recently uploaded file/photo on that appointment will be displayed first.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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