New! Online Booking Opening Hours Updates, Alternate Trading Hours, Processing Duration 'Buffer Zone' & More!


We've just released some great new features as well as some enhancements that we're going to go through in this article!

Feel free to jump ahead to any of the following for a deeper look into what's changed and how the features work:

There are also some other minor feature enhancements that we've added, such as:

  • The Manager User role can now merge clients 
  • Increased options for the Jump feature on the Appointments page. This allows you to easily jump forwards or backwards 8 weeks without using the calendar

Different Trading Hours Displayed for Online Bookings vs Roster Opening Hours

It is now possible to have your Online Booking hours reflect differently to the Opening Hours set in your Roster.

This means that the Online Booking system will still look at your Appointments Page and Roster for availability, but this will allow your clients to view a different set of Opening Hours: 


By default your Opening Hours from your Roster will be displayed.

Simply go to Online > Setup > click Edit Online Opening Hours to adjust the hours you would like displayed online for clients to see. Click Save once you're happy:


If you were to click Use Opening Hours, this will revert your Online Booking Hours back to what you have set in your Roster Opening Hours.

Now if you click View Booking Site, you'll notice that the Opening Hours your clients will see is different to your Roster Opening Hours:


Please Note: When you change your "Online Booking Hours" as shown above, it only changes the text and doesn't affect availability.

The Online Booking system will still look at your Appointments Page and Roster to know when clients can book in.

For example, lets say your Online Booking Hours are set to 9:00am to 5:00pm, but your operators are Rostered On from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

This means you need to ensure that there is a Task or Service inserted in at 8:00am to 9:00am, and 5:00pm to 6:00pm to block those time slots off, e.g. you might have a 'Cleaning' or 'Opening' Task inserted. If you haven't used the Tasks feature yet, please click here to learn.

Personal Details Accessible via the Online Booking Approval List 

If you are manually approving online bookings, and you receive a pending appointment in your Approval List — it is now possible to view and edit the client's details directly from the Approval List screen.

Simply click the client's name to bring up their Personal Details. This allows you to immediately see the clients information, like their mobile number and email address:


If you make any changes to their details, always remember to Save!

Alternate Trading Hours

This update enhances the Public Holidays feature, to also allow for Alternate Trading Hours. This allows you to open up your Appointments page on a day that's normally set to closed; and allows you to set the hours that you will be trading that day.

To check out this update, go to your Roster, then click the Public Holidays/Alternate Trading Hours link:


Clicking this link will take you directly over to the Public Holidays & Alternate Trading Hours settings (which is located in Admin > Lists > Select List):


Click New, then select Alternate Trading Hours from the Type dropdown menu:


Give the Alternate Trading Day a name; set the date where you will be trading on a day that's normally set to closed; and set the hours that you will be trading that day.

Click Save once you're done, then it will now be listed:


If you go and check the day that is set as Alternate Trading Hours, you'll notice the Appointment Page will be open, even if that day is normally set to Closed in your Opening Hours:


This feature enhancement will be especially useful for our Simple Rostering users! 

Buffer Zone Feature for Processing Duration 

The processing duration feature for services has now been enhanced to include a buffer zone. To check this out, go to Admin then Services. Locate the Service you're looking to edit, then locate the Processing Duration section:


You'll notice there is now an option that allows you to choose whether or not you want to allow bookings during processing. If you leave this option unticked and then Save - this service will now have an added buffer zone.

When adding in an appointment, if a service has it's processing duration set to not allow bookings, then you'll notice the processing duration listed:

Once the appointment is confirmed, it will look like this:


If you try to add in an appointment into the buffer zone, you'll get the following pop-up:


Selecting Yes will allow you to continue in creating and adding in the appointment as normal, but the buffer zone will still remain:


Voucher & Packages Figures in Operator Report

Your Vouchers & Packages figures will now be further broken down in the Operator Report.

Operator Report

While in the Operator Report (in Reporting > Report List) you can click Actions next to an operator to view further details on Packages or Vouchers (provided that they have sold either of those items within your searched time period):


Selecting Vouchers will show you all vouchers sold by that operator in the time period:


If you have Show Summary ticked, then you'll see the voucher name, quantity sold and the total revenue. You can untick Show Summary to view further details such as the client who purchased it and the date of purchase

Similarly selecting Packages will show you details of all packages sold by the operator within the specified time frame:


If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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