Sell & Redeem Member Discount Loyalty Memberships


Once you've connected your Simple Salon account to Payleadr and created your Salon Memberships (you can see how to do it here if need be), you're ready to sell them to your clients.

In this article, we are going to show you how to sell and redeem memberships with a member discount, like the Loyalty Membership we created earlier.

If instead you want to sell and redeem a packaged item membership, like the Blow Dry Membership or the Unlimited Membership we created earlier, click here.

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Selling the Loyalty Membership

Redeeming the Loyalty Membership

Selling the Loyalty Membership

Add the client to POS.

In this scenario, the client has come in for an appointment which they need to pay for, but they'd also like to sign up for a membership while they're here.

Once the client is listed in POS along with any services they are paying for, click the Add Items link in the yellow strip to add a membership.


Choose Membership.


On the right side panel choose the operator selling the membership, and select the specific membership the client wants to subscribe to (ie. Loyalty Membership).


Then you will need to fill out the details on the right:

  • Pick the Start Date
  • You can apply a Discount to the Joining Fee if applicable, but in this scenario there is no joining fee, so those fields are irrelevant

Now, tick Use Direct Debit.


After you tick Use Direct Debit, a pop up will come up where you need to enter the client's email address and mobile number. Once those details are in, click Update.


Close the Add Items To Sale pop up window and behind it you will see that the membership has been added to the sale. Click Receive Payment and follow the prompts to complete the sale.


Once the sale has been processed, the client will now receive a text message from Payleadr inviting them to subscribe to their membership plan.

Up until the client completes the membership setup on their end, their client card in Simple Salon will display the membership status as Pending.


Once the client receives their text message from Payleadr, they will need to tap the link in the text message and follow the prompts to complete the membership setup.


After the client taps the link, they will be asked to review the membership plan and then they'll need to tap Add Card or Add Bank Account to set up the direct debit. In this scenario, our client will add a credit card which will be used for the membership direct debits.

IMG_6793.PNG      IMG_6794.PNG


The client will enter their credit card details, and click Subscribe.


It will load for a moment before displaying the Plan Subscription Confirmation. All done.


Now if you go into the client's client card in your Simple Salon account, under the Memberships tab the membership will be Active (represented by the green light). To view/edit membership details, click Edit in the membership row.



Redeeming the Loyalty Membership

The client's membership direct debit is managed by Payleadr, so you will automatically receive the clients' membership payments in your bank account each month.

As for the member discount, which the client's membership entitles them too, this is automatically applied in POS when you add the client and their services and/or products to the sale.


Add the client and their services/products to POS.

You will see the "Discount 30%" link at the bottom which is telling you that this client's membership discount has been applied. All you need to do is click Receive Payment and follow the normal process to complete the sale.


Click here to learn how to sell and redeem Salon Memberships with packages services ie. the Blow Dry Membership and the Unlimited Membership.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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