Important: Changes to the 'Buy Credits' Link


Due to a recent security enhancement, automatic login to your SMS account via the Buy Credits button has been turned off.

You will now be required to login using a unique SMS Account email and password that will be provided to you after clicking the Buy Credits button.

Please note this is not your normal Simple Salon login, you will be provided with these details when clicking the 'Buy Credits' button.

You can follow the video below, or there are also step by step instructions below the video:

To get started, this can be accessed by going to Admin > SMS & Email > click Buy Credits.

You'll notice a pop-up that has an email and password which can be copied, and a note that says "To login on the next screen, please copy the details below":


First you can click Copy next to the email address, then click the Continue button to be taken over to the SMS Account login page (a new tab will open up in your browser):


Paste the email address into the Email Address field:


Note: On a Mac you can press 'Command' + V on your keyboard to paste - or on a Windows you can press 'Ctrl' + V. 

Then you'll want to switch back to the Simple Salon tab in your web browser.

Now you can Copy the password next:


The login page will already be open in another tab, so you won't need to click 'Continue' again 

Switch back to the SMS Account login page in your web browser, and then paste the password into the Password field:


You'll then simply click LOG IN.

You will have access to your SMS Account as normal:


Note: If it is your first time accessing your SMS Account—after you've logged in—the first thing you'll need to do is agree to the Terms & Conditions of Service. If you agree, simply scroll down and click I AGREE WITH THESE TERMS. Then you'll be able to purchase credits as normal.

Feel free to checkout the video below to see this in action:

If you have any questions at all, please send them to us from your Help & Support page by clicking Submit a Request—we're here to help!

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