How can I see how much an SMS has cost?


Anytime you need to view how much an SMS (or preview message) has cost you, navigate to Admin > SMS & Email. Then click the Buy Credits button:


This will take you over to your SMS Account. Simply click Cancel on the Add Credit window to view your Billing page:


Clicking Details next to any item will provide a further SMS breakdown of the message that was sent:


Note: One SMS costs 11 cents in Australia, and is 160 characters in length.

If you exceed 160 characters, you'll be charged for two or more SMSs, up to a maximum of four SMS's at a time. Here's the breakdown:

Number of SMS Characters Cost (in Australia)
1 160 $0.11 cents
2 306 $0.22 cents
3 459 $0.33 cents
4 (Maximum) 612 $0.44 cents

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