Why are new client's email addresses not coming through to Simple Salon from Online Bookings?


The process of client verification for Online Bookings works so that new clients only need to immediately verify their Mobile Number in order to make a booking.

The system will not automatically verify the client's email. After the client has confirmed their mobile, they will be able to continue and make the booking. 

They are required to enter an email when signing up, but they don't need verify it until after they've made their booking. This makes the booking process much more efficient for your customer.

Client's can access the Update Profile link (top right corner of the Online Booking site) to verify their email. They'll immediately be asked to verify their email address before they can edit their other details.


A link will be sent to their email that they can click to confirm it's them. The system will notify the client if they have successfully verified their email address.

If a new client hasn't yet verified their email address, it won't be automatically connected to their Simple Salon account—only their mobile number will be. 

The client simply needs to go to their Online Booking account details to verify their email. Their email will then be linked to their Simple Salon account.

If you need clients to verify their email straight away, you can simply leave a note in your Profile Description letting clients know they need to verify their email address.

For information on how to edit your Profile Description, click here.

For information on how client's make Online Bookings, as well as the mobile verification process, click here.

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