What is Slick?


Slick is a third party app that allows more potential clients to book in with you. Clients can view salons in their current location—then based on the services, operators and times that are available, will book the appointment they’d like.

When you finish setting up Online Bookings in your Simple Salon account, you are automatically listed on the Slick Marketplace.

How does it work?

The client will first make the booking through the Slick app. Your business will then receive a booking notification via Simple Salon, which you are required to approve within 30 minutes. This approval process ensures that you are a real business.

If the booking notification comes through during business hours, you will have 30 minutes from the time the booking is made to approve it. If the booking notification comes through outside of your business hours, you'll have 30 minutes from your opening time to approve the booking.

Bookings accepted through Slick will have a 3.9% acceptance fee. This fee is not included in your Simple Salon subscription fee, as this is an optional service.

What is the booking process like?

Customers who have installed the Slick app can browse the Slick Marketplace. They have the option to browse through salons near their current location, or in another location:


The Salon Description, Location & Hours, Operators and Services are pulled directly from your Online Booking mini-site, so there is no set-up required on your behalf.

Once the client has selected their service, they'll receive a pending confirmation pop-up. They can access their pending booking through the side menu.

If their email address is already attached to an existing Simple Salon account, it will automatically link, allowing them to view all of their past bookings:


Once the client has requested an appointment, you will receive a notification in your Simple Salon account, similar to a normal Online Booking:


At this point you can either Accept or Reject the booking.

With any booking that has come through Slick, you won't know the client's details until you have accepted the booking. If you accept, you'll be prompted to pay for the booking fee:


Once the fee has been paid for, the client will be notified of their accepted booking:


The booking will appear in your Booking Activities section of Online, as well as in your Appointments book:


Track Slick Bookings in your 'Appointments Report'

The Appointments Report shows you all of your bookings, including those made Slick. You can filter the report to only show appointments made via the Slick app. 

Go to your Reporting page, into Reports List and select your Appointments Report.

By default, the report will give you all of your appointments for the current day. Simply change the dates to display your desired date range, and use the Booking Type: drop down menu to filter the report by Slick.


All of your appointments made via the Slick app, for that date range, will be displayed in the report.

How do I remove my business from the Slick app?

In your Simple Salon account, you can remove your business from the Slick app at anytime by doing the following:

1) Select Account.

2) Click on the Actions button then click on the Slick link.

3) In the right-side panel, un-tick the List On Slick Marketplace tick box then click Save.


If you have any further questions, send them to us via your Help & Support page by clicking the Submit a Request option—we're here to help.

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