SMS Marketing Overview


Actively using SMS to communicate with your clients is an easy way to increase retention levels and boost engagement. Simple Salon allows you to do this effectively with our built in marketing system. It's pretty much set up for you, and can be adjusted to suit your business needs.

The following overview will guide you through using SMS Marketing in Simple Salon. We will link to further set-up articles so you can go in-depth where needed. We will be covering the following sections:

Setting up SMS & Buying Credits

The great thing about our SMS System is that when a client replies Yes to their SMS Reminders, the letter C (for Confirmed) will automatically appear on their appointments. You will first need to customise the default reminder message to say "Reply Yes to Confirm" (more info in Custom Templates section).

Before your clients can start receiving these updates from you, you need to enable your Simple Salon Messaging account, and purchase SMS Credits (SMS Credits are not included in the cost of your subscription).

Your SMS account can be enabled by navigating to:

Admin  >  SMS & Email


Once you have enabled your Simple Salon Messaging account and saved the settings, you will have the ability to purchase your credits.

This can be done by clicking the Buy Credits link. Clicking this will take you to your Simple Salon Messaging account:


If you need detailed instructions on enabling your SMS account, or would like to see a walk-through of purchasing credits—please take a moment to view this article.

Because you will be taken to an external page, you may encounter an issue where nothing happens when selecting Buy Credits. If that's that case, you probably have pop-ups blocked—check out this article if you need help with enabling Simple Salon pop-ups in your browser.

Dedicated Number

It is possible to have your messages come from the same number every time—however a unique number comes at an extra cost. You can view the different fees before deciding to purchase your dedicated number. This article will show you how to set this up.

If you don't have a dedicated number, your messages will be sent from a pool of numbers, selected randomly.

It is also possible to have text messages come from your business name. However, since the number is overridden with a word, clients can't reply to the message. This means the 2-Way SMS functionality will no longer work, and clients won't be able to confirm by responding with Yes. This article will show you how it can be done.

SMS Pricing

The cost of an SMS will depend on your location. You can view Pricing for your country by clicking Pricing at the bottom of any page on your SMS account, then selecting from the Destination drop down.


It is important to note that 1 SMS = 160 characters. If you would like to see a full breakdown on how many characters you can have in an SMS, or how to disable multiple messages—please click here.  

Auto Credit Recharge

SMS Credits need to be topped up manually via the Buy Credits button, that is unless you have enabled Auto Credit Recharge. You can learn how to turn this on by viewing this article.

Please be aware that if this setting is enabled and you have sent a large campaign—credit will continue being topped up until the campaign has completed.

Credit Top Up Invoices

Your Credit Top Up invoices can be accessed from your Simple Salon Messaging page, via the Buy Credits button.


Please check out this article if you need further steps on locating top up invoices.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Once your clients are enabled to receive messages, you can now turn on your appointment reminders. As you may have already seen, we have two appointment reminders that can be sent out—

  • The first round can be set to automatically send a certain number of days before your client's appointments.
  • The second round can be set for a less number of days before the client's appointment. However, it will only be sent out to client's with appointments that are not flagged as confirmed.


If you would like more details on enabling your automatic appointment reminders, check out this article.

Other Automatic Message Types

You will notice that there are a few other Automatic Message Types that can be sent out. You can use all of them, or only a few—whatever makes the most sense for your business. To learn what each of these message types do, and how to set them up, this article will go in-depth.

Custom Templates

While you are setting up your Auto Message Types, you will see that you can select from an SMS/Email Template. They will normally be set to the Default Templates we have created for you.

As mentioned previously, when a client replies Yes to their SMS Reminders, the letter C (for Confirmed) will automatically appear on their appointments. You will first need to create your own template or customise the Default SMS Reminder to say "Reply Yes to Confirm". For information on how to create your own template, or customise the default, this article will go in depth.

Once you've made a template with "Reply Yes to Confirm", you will need to go back to Admin > SMS & Email > 1st Appointment Reminder > Edit > Choose your new template from the SMS Template drop-down menu > Save.

Sending Individual Clients Messages

It is possible to send a client a one off message in Simple Salon:

How to Send an Individual Client an SMS Message

Campaign Report

If you ever want to see your client's responses, or need to check the progress of a campaign—this can be done via your Campaign Report:

Marketing  >  Campaign Report 


The Status column will display as either Sent, Pending or Error.

If you ever run out of credits during a Campaign and you need to top-up, you can Re-Send your campaign from this page.

You can also click Recipients next to any SMS Campaign to view replies (if there are any):


If you want more about information on what each status means, please check out: How Do I Know If My SMS Has Sent?

Send SMS Button

After you have navigated other pages within Simple Salon, you may notice the Send SMS (and Send Email) button, particularly on a Report or in Marketing category:


These are great as they allow you to instantly reach out to a targeted client list via SMS (and email). To learn how to use this function, please check out this article.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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