How do I turn off Online Bookings?


If there's ever a time where you need to temporarily disable your Online Bookings, you can.

You have three options when it comes to turning off your Online Bookings:

  • Disable Temporarily
  • Gift Vouchers only
  • Adjusting Salon Hours

Disable Temporarily

Online Bookings can be disabled by contacting our Support Team via the Submit a Request option.

Once it has been turned off, yourself and your clients will be unable to access your booking site. Online users will also be unable to view your business location.

Online Bookings can be enabled again at anytime by letting our team know.

Gift Vouchers

It is possible to keep your Online Booking site active, but only offer Gift Vouchers. Please check out this help article for more information on how to get set up:

Adjusting Salon Hours

Instead of contacting Support to disable your Online Bookings, you could adjust your salon hours to Closed. This means people will still be able to view your business location, but they won't be able to make a booking with you.

You can do this by going to Settings > Appointment Settings > Tick all days as 'Closed' > Save.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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