How a Client will Check-In


Your clients can check-in if they have an active membership. To first create your memberships, click here. Then you'll need to sell the memberships to your clients before they can check-in, so click here to see how to do that.

How a Client will Check-in

Click Check-In (top left corner) and scan or enter the client's Member ID.


Click Check In and the client will be allowed access if they have an active membership.

If the client doesn't have an active membership, they will be denied access. If this is the case you will need to first sell them a new membership before they can check-in.

Each time you click Check-In you'll see a running tally of who has previously been checked-in, when they checked-in, and when their membership expires.

You also have a Membership Check-In Report located in Reporting > Report List, which will list all the check-ins you have had between the dates you choose.

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