How a Client will Check-In


The following article is for previous Simple Members users. Our Development team are working on making Memberships available for all Simple Salon users. Stay tuned!

Your clients can check-in if they have an active membership. To first create your memberships, click here. Then you'll need to sell the memberships to your clients before they can check-in, so click here to see how to do that.

How a Client will Check-in

Click Check-In (top left corner)


Scan or enter the client's Member ID, then click Check In. The client will be allowed access if they have an active membership:


If the client doesn't have an active membership, they will be denied access. If this is the case you will need to first sell them a new membership before they can check-in.


Each time you click Check-In you'll see a running tally of who has previously been checked-in, when they checked-in, and when their membership expires.


You can navigate to a client's Client Card to view all of their Check-Ins.

You also have a Membership Check-In Report located in Reporting > Report List, which will list all the check-ins you have had between the dates you choose.


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