Selling a Membership to a Client


The following article is for our Simple Members clients. Our Development team are working on making Memberships available for all Simple Salon users. Stay tuned!

To sell a membership to a client, you first need to create the membership. If you haven't already done that, click here to see how.

When you're ready to sell a membership to a client go to POS, click Add Client (bottom right), and on the right side panel search for the client and click their name in the Search Results.


Once the client has been added to POS, click Add Items, click Membership. You will choose the specific membership from the menu on the right side panel, their start date, as well as the operator who sold it. You can also give a discount on the Joining Fee as well. If you'll be using Direct Debit, leave "Use Direct Debit" ticked. Once you're happy click Save.


The membership will be added to the clients sale.

Click Receive Payment (bottom right), choose payment type (whatever they are using to pay for the joining fee or up front payment), and click Finish Sale.


The membership will be added to the client. Search for the client again, and this time go to the client's client card. Click the MEMBERSHIPS option down the bottom to see all active, expired memberships.


When the client Checks-In, the systems will look for their membership, and then it will record that they checked in (under the Check Ins tab).

You can also select Edit next to a Membership, which will allow you to see further information on this Membership, and allow you to make changes to the Membership:


If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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