Selling Gift Vouchers Online


Your clients can purchase Gift Vouchers online.

Enable Pay Up Front

In order to sell Gift Vouchers online, you will need to enable the Pay Upfront option in your online booking settings.

Note: We will be releasing an update soon which will allow you to have Pay At Salon set for online bookings, and Pay Upfront set for online voucher sales. In the meantime, if you choose to have Pay Upfront enabled, it will apply to both online bookings and online voucher sales.

To enable Pay Upfront, go to Online (top orange menu bar) and select the Admin tab. Under General Settings choose Pay Upfront, and Save.

Note: You will also need to connect to the payment gateway Stripe. Click here to learn how to connect to Stripe.


Adding Gift Vouchers to Your Online Booking site

To get started you will need to choose which Gift Vouchers you'd like displayed online.

Log into your Simple Salon account and go to Online. Under the Setup tab expand Gift Vouchers. Click the Add Gift Vouchers link.


Scroll down the list and click the circle next to each of the Gift Vouchers you'd like to make available online, then click Save.


The vouchers will be added.


Purchasing a Gift Voucher Online

Here's what the client sees when they purchase a Gift Voucher via your Online Booking site.

Click View Bookings Site.


Click/tap Buy Voucher.


Choose the voucher by changing the figure in Qty. Click/tap Purchase.


Click/tap Pay.


Select Payment Method.


Your payment will be processed.


Enter the details of the Gift Voucher recipient, then click/tap Send.


Your voucher will be emailed to the recipient.


Under the My Vouchers section in the client's online booking profile, the voucher will be displayed and the status will be SENT.


The voucher purchase will also be displayed in the client's client card in your Simple Salon account under the GIFT VOUCHERS section.


Go ahead and get those vouchers online to increase sales today.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page. 

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