Pay Using Afterpay in Simple Salon


Note: Afterpay is currently in the process of upgrading how their payment system works. Customers will now be using the Afterpay Card:

  • Afterpay Card will replace the original barcode from April 2021.
  • The barcode system will continue to be supported within the Afterpay app for existing customers in addition to the card feature until July 2021
  • New customers to Afterpay will only have the option to pay with the Afterpay Card when making purchases in-store and will not have access to the barcode

This article goes through setting up Afterpay with the barcode system. Since the new Afterpay Card no longer requires the integration and is processed on your EFTPOS terminal, you won't need to follow the steps in this article (unless you still have clients using barcodes). Instead you can create a custom payment method for 'Afterpay' if you want Afterpay to be recorded separately from Credit Card sales in your reporting. Click here if you would like to learn how to set up the Afterpay card as a payment method.

If you have more questions about the Afterpay Card, click here to learn more from the Afterpay team.

If you're still using the barcode system...

A client's total sale amount needs to be a minimum of $50 to use Afterpay to pay.

Go to POS, and Add Client, then Add Items e.g. product, service, package, or voucher.


Click Receive Payment and choose Afterpay from the drop-down menu then Finish Sale.


Enter the client's Afterpay barcode then select Continue.


All done!

If you have any questions anytime, please feel free to send them to us from your Help & Support page via the Submit a Request option.

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