Pay Using Afterpay in Simple Salon



To use Afterpay in Simple Salon, you'll firstly need to contact Afterpay to get an Afterpay account.

Click here to start the process with Afterpay.

You can then connect your Afterpay account to Simple Salon. Click here to find out how to connect your Afterpay account to Simple Salon.

Once you've done that you're ready to go.

A client's total sale amount needs to be a minimum of $50 to use Afterpay to pay.

Go to POS, and Add Client, then Add Items e.g. product, service, package, or voucher.


Click Receive Payment and choose Afterpay from the drop-down menu then Finish Sale.


Enter the client's Afterpay barcode then select Continue.


All done!

If you have any questions anytime, please feel free to send them to us from your Help & Support page via the Submit a Request option.

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