Connecting to Afterpay in Simple Salon


Note: Afterpay is currently in the process of upgrading how their payment system works. Customers will now be using the Afterpay Card:

  • Afterpay Card will replace the original barcode solution from April 2021.
  • The barcode system will continue to be supported within the Afterpay app for existing customers in addition to the card feature until July 2021
  • New customers to Afterpay will only have the option to pay with the Afterpay Card when making purchases in-store and will not have access to the barcode

This article goes through setting up Afterpay with the integrated barcode system. Since the new Afterpay Card no longer requires the integration and is processed on your EFTPOS terminal, you won't need to follow the steps in this article (unless you still have clients using barcodes). Instead you can create a custom payment method for 'Afterpay' if you want Afterpay to be recorded separately from Credit Card sales in your reporting.

Click here if you would like to instead learn how to set up the Afterpay Card as a payment method.

If you have more questions about the Afterpay Card, click here to learn more from the Afterpay team.

Before you proceed further....

If you already have an existing account with Afterpay, or you've used Afterpay before Simple Salon, check in with Afterpay to make sure you're all good to begin connecting to Simple Salon.

When you know your Afterpay account is ready for use in Simple Salon, you're ready to connect Afterpay to Simple Salon via the Afterpay Gateway.

You can reach this setting by clicking on Account (top right).


Click Actions then click on the Afterpay link as shown below.


In the right-side panel, you'll be greeted by the Afterpay gateway - this is where you'll need to enter in your Afterpay details.

But I haven't signed up for Afterpay?

If you haven't yet signed up for Afterpay, click on the Sign Up link which will take you to Afterpay's merchant site.

You'll need to fill out then submit the form. Afterpay will be in touch with you to let you know the progress on your application.

I've signed up for Afterpay, how can I get connected?

To get connected you'll firstly need to enter in your Merchant ID, Device Name, and Device Secret supplied by Afterpay.

If you're not sure what any of these mean, click here to reach out to the Afterpay support community.

Once you've entered in those details, tick the Enable Afterpay Gateway tick box then click Save to complete the connection.

How do I know if I've connected successfully?

If you've connected successfully, your connection will look similar to the connection below:


Please note that the connection details above won't work. You'll need to sign up then enter in your own details which Afterpay have provided.

You are more than welcome to show this article to the Afterpay team to help them identify which credentials you'll need to enter.

How to process Afterpay sales through POS

Now that you've completed the connection to Afterpay you'll be able to process sales through POS:

Once the client or walk-in has been added to the sale with their sale items, click the Receive Payment button:


When the option to then choose payment details appears, select Afterpay from the payment method drop down then click Finish Sale:


You'll then be prompted to enter in the client's Afterpay barcode:

The client will need provide you with details of their own Afterpay barcode, at which point you can click Continue to finish the sale:


Great! The sale should then be recorded in both your Afterpay account, and in the client's Afterpay account.

How to process an Afterpay refund

If you need to process a refund through Afterpay, you can do so by clicking on POS > Transaction List.


You can click the Details link in the sale row which will load the details of the sale, then click Refund Transaction to go through with the refund:



When the option to then choose payment details appears, Afterpay will automatically be selected for you, then you can click Finish Refund:


Great! The refund will automatically be processed and recorded in your Afterpay account, and your client's Afterpay account.

If you have any questions anytime, please feel free to send them to us from your Help & Support page via the Submit a Request option.

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