What are clipboards?


You may have heard the term clipboard, but what actually is a clipboard, and what does it do?

People who refer to the clipboard, are most likely referring to the temporary storage of data on your computer device. The clipboard is stored in a special location in your device's memory to temporarily store the data that you have copied. You also use the clipboard outside of Simple Salon when you copy information such as files, images, or text on your computer.

In Simple Salon, there are two different clipboards which you'll come across if you're using 'Appointments' and 'Online'.

The 'Appointments' Clipboard

The 'Appointments' clipboard is the function in Simple Salon which allows you to 'Move' and 'Copy' appointments from one day to another.

This clipboard is only stored in your Simple Salon memory, so you'll only be able to use this clipboard within Simple Salon.

Here's a link showing the clipboard in action:

The 'Online' Clipboard

The clipboard used in 'Online' is storing the link directly onto your device's memory, outside of Simple Salon.

If you've clicked the 'Copy URL' or the 'Copy Embed Code' link, the clipboard is not visible, however, you can retrieve and paste the links:

  • On an Apple MAC by holding down the Command key () and clicking the 'V' key to paste the link when needed.
  • For a Windows PC this is done by holding down 'ctrl' and clicking the 'V' key.

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