Appointment Approval SMS and Email Alerts


You can nominate a mobile number and/or email address to receive the SMS/email messages which alert you to a new appointment made online.

When you receive an alert you have 2 hours to approve the appointment, then a booking confirmation will be sent to the client.

If bookings come in overnight or outside of business hours, you'll have 2 hours starting from the beginning of the next business hours to accept the booking.

Nominating a mobile number and email address for online booking alerts

To nominate a mobile number and email address for online booking alerts, go to Online then to the Admin tab.

Expand the Notification Settings section.

Under APPROVAL ALERT SETTINGS, enter your email address and/or mobile number. Tick Email and/or SMS then click Save.


All done.

Now when you receive an online booking alert, be sure to approve it within 2 hours, or 2 hours from the start of business. When you approve the booking, the appointment will be booked into the operator's column and the client will be sent an SMS/email confirmation letting them know that their booking has been approved along with the date and time of their appointment.

If you would like operator's to receive a notification whenever they have an appointment booked in to their column, check out the following article:

Operator Appointment Notifications in 1-Touch Marketing—Regular Appointments and Online Bookings

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