Find my figures being sent to Xero


If you've successfully completed connecting your Simple Salon account to Xero, you may be wondering where your figures go, or perhaps you can't find them in Xero.

If you haven't connected your account to Xero, you can learn how to complete the process here.

The figures are sent to Xero after you've completed the end of day session for each day, so you'll first need to complete the end-of-day process before your figures are sent to your Xero account.

If you haven't already, you can checkout how to complete the end of day process here.

The following guide will then show you how to track your Simple Salon exports to Xero.

Finding the export status of your figures

To find out if your figures have been sent to Xero, navigate to the 'End-of-Day Report' in 'Reporting' > 'Report List'.

Once you've loaded into the 'End-of-Day Report', enter in the date range covering the exports you'd like to review, then click 'Go'.

A list of reports for the date range will appear


If you're connected to Xero, you'll be able to see a row called 'Export Status'.

It's here you'll see if the report has been successfully exported.

If the export has been successful, the 'Export Status' row will display 'Exported'.

If the export has not been successful, the 'Export Status' row will display 'Export', and you'll need to manually send your figures over.

Click here to learn how to export your figures manually.

Finding the export in Xero

If the 'Export Status' row is displaying 'Exported', you can navigate to the export in Xero by clicking on the 'Show Details' link.

You'll then be able to see the end of day details, and a link under the table, displaying something similar to 'Open Invoice #INV-0001'


Clicking on the 'Open Invoice #INV-0001' will then take you to Xero, where you'll either be able to view the Invoice if you've already logged in, or login to view the Invoice.


There you have it, once you've successfully logged in to Xero, you'll be able to see your export into Xero from Simple Salon.

If you'd like to load directly into your invoices from Xero, navigate to 'Accounts' > 'Sales' and then click the 'See All' link next to the 'Invoices' heading.

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