Managing Petty Cash


Manage your petty cash in just a few simple steps. Petty cash is any money you take out of the cash drawer to spend on day to day items. Anytime cash is taken or added to the cash drawer, it needs to be recorded as a petty cash transaction.

Go to POS and click the Manage tab.


In the Cash Movement section fill out the details of your petty cash transaction—Transaction Type, Reason, Enter Amount, and Comment. Then click Create.


Transaction Type:

Remove cash from drawer — will minus the amount from Cash Register Balance

Add cash to drawer — will add the amount to Cash Register Balance

Correct too much cash in drawer - will minus the amount from Cash Register Balance 

Correct too little cash in drawer - will add the amount to Cash Register Balance 


Petty Cash - the amount being taken or added is petty cash

Banking - the amount being taken or added is for banking

End Of Day - the amount being taken or added is for end of day (keep in mind that you should be doing the End Of Day as per the steps in this article)

Float - the amount being taken or added is the float (however you don't have to do this manually if you are running the End Of Day process as per this article)

Other - the amount being taken or added is for a reason not listed above

The petty cash transaction will adjust the cash drawer balance accordingly, and the transaction will also display in the Transaction Report, Transaction List and Petty Cash Report.

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