Setting up Your Salon and Operator Hours with Simple Rostering


The next step in getting started is to set up your salon opening hours, and your operators working hours. In just a few clicks you can have your salon opening hours set for each day, and your staff (operator) hours ready to go.

The below set-up is for Simple Rostering. This is the default roster and has a one week view. If you have a fluctuating roster, you will want to use Advanced Rostering. Checkout this article for more information:

Advanced Rostering—Roster Types & Operator Hours

Setting your Salon Opening Hours

Go to Roster then select Opening Hours.

Choose your opening hours for each day and tick Closed on the days you're not open.


Managing Public Holidays

On the Roster tab, Click the Public Holidays to set up your public holiday dates.

You'll be taken across to the Lists tab in Admin to create the Public Holidays.

Click New to create them on the right side panel.


On the right, give the public holiday a name and date, and click Save. The new public holiday will then be listed. Continue adding each one.

Now when you go to any of these public holiday dates in your Appointment book, they will be blocked out.


Setting your Operator Hours

Now that your salon opening hours are done, you can set up your operator hours.

Go to the Roster and click an operator name. In the pop-up window set the hours the operator works, tick and days that they are not working, and click Save.

Do this for each operator and you're done.


Note: You can also set the operator hours via Admin, then in the Operators tab and click the Roster link next to an operator.

If you're unsure of if you want to use Simple or Advanced Rostering, click here to go to the Rostering Overview—it goes through both systems, and you can decide which one is more suitable for you.

Feel free to check out the next article in the Getting Started section to see what to do next. 

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