Advanced Rostering (Part 2)—Setting up Your Staff Hourly Roster Rates and Using the Wages Report


Using Advanced Rostering, you can record the hours your operators work and their hourly rates, which in turn generates for you the Wages Report.

If you haven't already setup your Advanced Rostering via the Advanced Rostering (Part 1)—roster types & operator hours article, click here to do so first.

Then you will be ready to setup your Roster to record your staff hours and their individual hourly rates earned per shift. Your Wages Report will be automatically generated based on the hours and rates in your Roster.

If you don't need to track wages, then use the Simple Rostering—click here to see how to set it up in a few very simple steps.

Setting up your Roster Rate Types in Advanced Rostering

Go to Admin, choose Rostering, and click New in the Roster Rates Type section.


You will already have your Standard Rate there, so click New to create another roster rate type. On the right side panel give it a name, and Save.

Keep adding in all of your Roster Rate Types until you've covered all of the different rates you have available to your staff.

Assigning the Roster Rate Types to your staff operators

Go to Admin, then into your Operators tab, and click the Roster Rates link next to one of your operators.


Edit the Standard Rate.


On the right side panel enter in this operators individual Standard Rate, and Save.

If this operator also has the ability to earn a different rate (i.e. Public Holiday rate or Double Time rate etc) click the New Roster Rate link to add another one for this operator.


On the right side panel, enter in the operator's hourly rate for the roster rate type, and Save.

Keep adding in New Roster Rates until this operator has been assigned all of their possible hourly rates.

Do this for all of your operators.

Using the Roster to record the hours and hourly rates each operator earns

Go to your Roster tab, and click the  next to one of your operators. On the right side, we can fill out the roster item details.


  • Select your Rostered On from the Roster Type drop down menu
  • Tick All for Service Available, or choose specific services Joey can perform during this shift
  • Choose the hourly rate which he is earning during this shift from the Roster Rate Type drop down menu.
  • Select the start & finish Item Time (make sure start and finish times are am and pm accordingly)
  • Tick the days of the week you're rostering them on for.

Go ahead and Save.

Using the Wages Report to track hours worked and wages earned

Go to Reporting, then into the Report List, and scroll right down to the bottom of the list and select the Wages Report.


You can change the date range if you wish. Click Show Details to see any one operator's wage details for the given dates.


There you have it—now you know how to create your Roster Rate Types, assign them to your operators, record your operators hours in the roster, assign each shift the hourly rate, and use the Wages Report to track your operators hours and what they have earned.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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