Advanced Rostering (Part 1)—Roster Types & Operator Hours


You can manage your salon opening hours and staff hours using Simple Rostering (click here to see how), however if you would like to go a step further and manage your roster types and wages, then you can use the Advanced Rostering.

Go to Settings, then Roster Settings, tick Enable Advanced Rostering, and Save.


Now go to your Roster, select Opening Hours, set your salon opening hours, tick the day(s) your Closed and Save.


Next, create your Roster Types

Before you start rostering, you first need to create your Roster Types. Roster Types are what you apply to your roster e.g. Annual Leave, Sick Day, Rostered On, Rostered Off, Salon Closed etc.

Go to your Rostering tab in Admin. Here are some examples of various Roster Types:


You can create your own by clicking the New option in your Roster Types section. 

When creating the Roster Types you'll have the No Bookings Allowed and Do Not Overwrite options.


No Bookings Allowed - when creating roster types like Annual Leave, Sick Day, Day Off - this will ensure that when you use these roster types in the Roster, no bookings can be made with the operator.

Do Not Overwrite - This means that this particular Roster Type will not be deleted/overwritten if you change an operators roster times and clear the roster into the future. The clear will remove all other roster items, but not any that have 'Do Not Overwrite' selected e.g. Annual Leave.

Once you have created these here, you're ready to use the Roster.

Setting up operator hours in the Roster

The simplest way to roster your operators is to first roster everyone off, then open up the time that each operator is rostered on.

Go to SettingsRoster Settings, tick Automatically Roster Operators Off, and Save.


Your Appointment page will now look like this—each operator column is shaded, everyone is rostered off.


If you click the shaded sections, you'll see that no bookings are allowed.

Now we need to open up the time that each operator is working (roster them on) to allow for bookings to made in their columns—go to Roster.


Click the [+] next to one of your operators (e.g. Joey). On the right side, fill out the roster item details.

In this example, Joey is working Wednesday & Thursday:

  • Select Rostered On from the Roster Type drop down menu.
  • Tick All for Service Available, or choose specific services Joey can perform during this shift.
  • Choose the hourly rate which he is earning during this shift from the Roster Rate Type drop down menu.

Note: If you have not yet setup your Roster Rate Types, click here to learn how.

  • Select the start & finish Item Time (make sure start and finish times are am and pm accordingly)
  • Tick the days of the week you're rostering him on for - Wednesday & Thursday.


Go ahead and Save.

Joey is Rostered On for his Wednesday & Thursday. 


Here's a snippet from the Appointment page now that we have opened up this time in the Roster. Appointments can now be made with Joey on Wednesdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. 


You can follow these same steps to roster your staff for all the days and times they are working in the salon.

In this example, Joey works these same shifts every week, so let's repeat his weekly roster. Tick Joey and click Repeat Selected.


You can repeat the week's roster Weekly, Fortnightly, Every 3 Weeks, or Monthly (Every 4 Weeks), for how ever many weeks you'd like.



Click Repeat, and then Yes when you're sure.


Continue to roster on all of your staff to open up the time which they are working in their appointment column.

Note: At the bottom of your Roster, you have the following options:


  • Repeat Selected: Tick the operator(s) and Repeat Selected, which will repeat their week's roster Weekly, Fortnightly, Every 3 Weeks, or Monthly (Every 4 Weeks), for how ever many weeks you'd like.
  • Email Selected: Tick the operator(s) and Email Selected to email the operators their roster.
  • Clear Selected: Tick the operator(s) and Clear Selected to delete roster items. You can also choose to only delete the current week's items, the current week's items including all 'Do Not Overwrite' items, all future items, and all future items including 'Do Not Overwrite' items.


  • Allow Online Bookings for all Roster Items: This will open up all of the existing roster items to be available for clients to book online appointments into these time slots.

Note: If you've tried to delete this weeks items/future items and noticed that the items weren't deleted—it's likely that these roster items were set 'Do Not Overwrite' in Admin > Rostering. If that's the case, make sure you're selecting the option that includes 'Do Not Overwrite' items (or you can edit the Roster Type to remove the 'Do Not Overwrite' setting).

Click here to see how to setup your roster rates and wages in the Advanced Rostering (Part 2) article.

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