Refunding a pre-paid Salon Package


If your client changes their mind about the pre-paid Salon Package they have previously purchased, here are the steps for processing the refund the right way.

If the client has already booked in one or more of their pre-paid services, which are a part of the pre-paid package, then you'll need to find these appointments first and add them back to the package. If you haven't yet booked the client in for any of their pre-paid services, carry on to the next step.

Adding an already booked pre-paid service back to the package

To do this click the client's name on their appointment.

In the Visit Details pop-up window click Add Back To Package, then OK.

It's important to do this first to ensure that there are no appointments scheduled after you refund the package. If you don't do this step, after you refund it you will have these services, which were previously booked in whilst part of the package, displaying as unpaid in your Appointment columns.

Refunding the Salon Package by deleting the transaction

Now you can refund the package, but to do it correctly you need to go to your Transaction List in POS, or to your Transaction Report via Reporting > Report List.

Change the dates of the transaction report to the day when the client originally purchased the salon package. Locate the transaction for the sale of the package and click the red cross next to the transaction. Click OK, and the transaction will be deleted. Give the money back to the client.

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