Activity Report—Track Deletions, Log-ins, Appointment Updates and More!


Your Simple Salon account is designed to track all types of activities by you and your staff! Activities include logins, deletions, and updates—for all sorts of categories like appointments, clients, products, services, transactions, SMS setup, and campaigns.

You can find a log of activities by going to Reporting > Report List, then choose Activity Report:


Once the Activity Report loads, change the From and To dates to view your desired date range.

Make sure you utilise the User, Category or Type filters provided, as this will assist in narrowing down your search:


You can filter the report by User, to see any one user's log of activities. For example, you could use this to specifically see any changes made by a staff, manager or administrator user.

You can filter the report by Category, to see a specific category of activity, such as changes to Appointments, Clients, Roster, Security Settings, Reporting etc:


You can also filter the report by Type, which allows you to see a specific type of activity including Log-Ins, Deletions, Additions, Updates, Errors etc:


Using a combination of the User, Category and Type filters will allow you to view specific changes that have happened within your Simple Salon account. 

Let's go through some examples so you can understand the different ways you can use this powerful report!

Maybe you're trying to figure out specifically who has logged into your account and when. To do this, you would set the Type to 'Log In'. This is going to show you anyone who has logged in within the dates that you've searched. If you wanted to narrow it down further to specific users, then you would use the User drop-down menu.

This will show you the Time that the login took place, as well as their IP Address. You'll also be given a description of the type of device that was used:


As another example, let's say you wanted to see any changes made to your appointments. In this case, you would use the 'Appointment' Category.

If you had the Type set to 'All', then you would see all types of activities related to appointment changes—such as when an appointment was added (Type: 'Add'), when an appointment was updated (Type: 'Update') and when an appointment was deleted (Type: 'Delete'). 

You can get even more specific, for example maybe you want to see all appointment deletions by a staff user. To do this, you can set the User to 'staff' (or whatever their username is set to in your account), set the Category to 'Appointment', and set the Type to 'Delete'.

This would show you all appointments that were deleted by a staff user, within the date range specified:


For our last example, let's say you wanted to see if any clients have been deleted. In this case you would use the 'Client' Category. 

You would pick your date range of when you think clients were deleted. Then you would choose the 'Client' option from the Category drop-down menu, and the 'Delete' option from the Type drop-down menu, then click Filter.

This will show you all clients who were deleted between the dates you've selected:


Start using your Activity Report if you have any activity that you would like to understand or look up!

Tip: It's a good idea to ensure each of your staff members have their own unique user login, that way in the event you need to track something down, you can do so using the Activity Report! For example, if you have multiple staff members, but you just have one 'staff' user login, it will make it harder to differentiate who actually made the changes. Click here if you want to learn how to create each of your staff members their own login.

If there's ever an activity that you don't quite understand, or something that you can't find, please reach out to our Support team! Feel free to send any questions to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page—we're here to help.

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