Forgot to do End Of Day—What do I do now?


If you forgot to do your End-Of-Day session last night, or perhaps you've missed a few days, no worries at all.

NOTE: If you have never run your End Of Day, first click here to see how.

What to do if you forgot to do your End Of Day

It is only possible to do the End-Of-Day for the current day, therefore you'll need to wait until the end of today to run the next End Of Day session.

When you run the next End-Of-Day session at the end of TODAY (as normal) all of the figures will balance, except for your cash figure.

The cash register figure will be an accumulation of yesterday and today, or an accumulation of cash since the last time End-Of-Day was performed. No other reports will be affected.

Avoid doing the End-Of-Day session until the END of today, after the last transaction has been processed and before midnight.

Once you complete the End-Of-Day session at the close of business today your figures will be correct moving forward.

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