How do I know if my SMS or email has sent?


Once you've setup your SMS to be sent for auto reminders, or you have started using the Marketing section to send your clients promotional SMS and email, you might like to start looking at the messages that you are sending.

You can use your Campaign Report for this, which shows you the status of the SMS and emails—Sent, Pending, or Error. It will also show you the list of clients who were sent any particular SMS or email campaign.

Go to Marketing, then click the Campaign Report tab. Change the dates of the report to the day or desired date range you wish to look at. All of the SMS and email campaigns which were sent between your From and To date will be listed.


Click Recipients next to any of the campaigns you wish to see the list of clients who were sent the campaign.


Sent: means that Simple Salon successfully sent the SMS to the client. 

Pending: means that the SMS or email is in the process of sending, and soon it will display either Sent or Error.

Error: means that the SMS was not sent due to either of the reasons below. Click the Error link, and the reason for the error will display:

  • Client doesn't have a mobile number
  • Mobile number is not in the Mobile section of the client's personal details (it can't be in the Telephone section)
  • You don't have enough SMS credits. Click here to learn how to buy more SMS credits

Note: If you have an Error message and you're unsure of the meaning, send us the message via your Help & Support page by clicking Submit a Request.

So, now every time you want to see if your SMSs and emails have been sent, check out your Campaign Report.

You can also access your SMS/Email Campaign report in Reporting > Report List > SMS & Email Campaign Report.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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