Redeeming Multiple Prepaid Product Package Items in One Go


Simple Salon allows multiple pre-paid package product items to be redeemed in one go.

This functionality is great for salon packages like Botox Packages, where clients need to redeem multiple botox units (pre-paid package items) in one appointment.

Before you can redeem pre-paid package items, you need learn how to create and sell packages. Click here to see how to create your packages, and click here to learn how to sell your packages to your clients, and book them in for their pre-paid items.

Redeeming multiple package product items

After you have sold the package to the client and they are ready to redeem some of their pre-paid package items, go to the client's client card and have a look at the items listed in the Products section. The ones with the yellow star next to them are part of a pre-paid package.


Find the product the client wants to redeem and click Collect.

On the right side panel enter in the number of these products which the client is redeeming at this time and click Collect.


Click OK.


All done. This number of the pre-paid package products have now been redeemed by the client.

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