Fully featured email marketing with Simple Salon & Mailchimp


Simple Salon allows you to send effective marketing emails directly from Simple Salon, or via one of our third party add-ons — Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp.

This article looks at Mail Chimp. Click here to learn more about Campaign Monitor.

The benefit of using one of our third party email marketing add-ons is that they are specifically designed to handle large volumes of emails. The Simple Salon Email Marketing is great if you want to send up to 1,000 emails at one time. If you need to send more than 1,000 emails in one go, then connect with one of our email marketing add-ons and away you go. Additionally, Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor have lots of cool extra features.

Mail Chimp gives you more control over the personalisation of your email campaigns. Mail Chimp maps your client's behaviour and gives you feedback in regards to when they like to receive their emails. This means you can send your clients emails when you know they want them. This comprehensive reporting also tells you what email content your clients like best. Like Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp also specialises in customisable email templates with loads of flexible design options to suit everyone. Click here to find out more about Mail Chimp's features.

Connecting your Simple Salon account to your Mail Chimp account

Go to your Simple Salon Account page, click the Actions menu and select Mail Chimp.

Enter your Mail Chimp API Key in on right side panel, tick Enable Mail Chimp, and
Save the settings. It will then connect your Simple Salon account to your Mail Chimp account and it will display here as Connected.

Sending emails via Mail Chimp

Go to Marketing and select any one of the marketing options i.e. All Clients.

Click Send Email and choose Mail Chimp. Your clients will be exported into your Mail Chimp account, so you can send them emails from there.

After you click the Mail Chimp link here, you will be prompted to add the clients to a list. So what you need to do is go into your Mail Chimp account and create the name of the list there, then it will appear in the drop down menu to select. Once you have selected the client list, click Add and the clients will be imported into your list in Mail Chimp.

Note: Mail Chimp charge a small fee per email.

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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