Encouraging Client Retention & Increasing Rebook Rates


Encouraging client retention and increasing rebook rates is key to a successful salon!

One part of retaining clients and increasing your rebooking is to deliver a superior salon experience. The other part involves following up your clients who haven't rebooked, to ensure they come back time and time again. Before you know it, it has become a part of their lifestyle.

If you are delivering a superior salon experience to your clients, then the Simple Salon client retention functionality is the cherry on top! Your Simple Salon is very good at helping you retain your clients.

Lets look at clients who haven't been in for some time, who haven't re-booked and don't have any future appointments.

We can then send them a promotional SMS or email to encourage them to come back. 

Over in your Marketing section, click Clients Who Didn't Rebook.


On the right side panel, change the From and To dates to show the date range when the clients did come in for an appointment.

  • With Operator—you can target clients for a particular Operator
  • Service Category—you can target a specific Service Category
  • Within Rebook Period—refers to the Target Re-book Period which you can set up in your Marketing Settings, in Settings. If the Target Re-book Period (in Marketing Settings) is set to 8 weeks, then this report will look at clients who haven't rebooked within the 8 weeks
  • With Same Operator—will give you the clients who had an appointment with an operator but who did not rebook with that same operator.

Click Search when you're ready.

In this example, we are targeting clients who came in last month and who did not rebook.

  • You can use your client Category, Gender, Referral menus to filter this report even further
  • You can Send SMS, or Send Email (in this case our client Michael Man doesn't have an email address, hence why the Send Email is not available)
  • You can Export or Print the report
  • Even Add To List if you want to start building specific client lists to market to

Note: This information is the same as what the Client Retention Report gives you in the No column.

See the Client Retention Report in action!  

If you have any questions, please send them to us via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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