Creating Salon Packages


Salon Packages allow you to sell a set of products, services or gift vouchers in one handy package. Services can then be redeemed over a period of time, and gift vouchers & products can be collected when the client would like them.

Creating your Packages

Go to your Admin page, and select your Redeemables tab. Click New in your Packages section:


On the right side panel, fill in the package details:


  • Give your package a name and a price. Price is referring to how much the total package will cost once all items are added.
  • Give your package an expiry date, otherwise it can be set to never expire.
  • If you have set up your Loyalty Program individually, enter the number of Loyalty Points the client will receive when they purchase this package.
  • Assign a Barcode (if applicable).
  • If you don't wish to include GST in the package price, you can tick GST Free. In most cases, this is irrelevant, therefore leave it unticked.

If you're ready to move on, click Next (you're not done setting up the package just yet, as we need to add items to the package).

Add Items to your Package

The next important step is to add items into the package i.e. Services, Products and/or Gift Vouchers. 

On the right side panel choose the first Item Type you want to add - Visit (which is a service), Product or Gift Voucher:


If you choose the Visit item type (services), fill in the different fields such as Category, Service, Quantity then Save.

Quantity refers to the number of items you will be adding into the package. For example, if you want to create a package where clients redeem the same service over a period of time—'Quantity' means how many times they will be able to redeem the same service for the set price.

TIP: Do not leave the 'Quantity' section empty when adding package items! If you are adding one service to a package, you need to enter 1 into 'Quantity'. If you are adding ten of the same service to a package, you need to enter 10.

If you choose a Product item type, fill in Brand, Product, Quantity and Save.

Continue to click Add Item until you have created your desired package:


Note: If an item says '0' under 'Qty', this means the package item wasn't setup correctly. You'll need to click Edit next to the item to ensure it has a quantity set up.

If you're adding a Gift Voucher to a Package, you will instead select Gift Voucher from the Item Type drop-down menu, and select from one of your pre-made gift vouchers under the Product drop-down menu. i.e. Gift Vouchers that are created in the Gift Voucher section to the left will appear under Product:


Selling your Packages to Clients

Once you've created your packages, you can now sell them to your clients! Click here to see how your clients can purchase your packages, and how they can redeem and book in for their prepaid items.

If you have any questions, please let us know via the Submit a Request option in your Help & Support page.

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