Adding an Appointment by Tapping a Time Slot on the App


The Simple Salon App allows you to effortlessly add an appointment in just a few taps.

Open the Simple Salon App (get it from the App Store if you haven't already).

Choose the appointment date using the Calendar icon or swipe left and right through the days.

Tap the time you want to book.


Start typing the client's name and when you see them come up, tap them.


Tap Add next to Services to choose a service.


Scroll the service list to find the service you want to book, or search for a specific Service Category.

Tap a service to add it to the appointment.


You have the Day and Time options if you'd like to change those details, but because you already chose the date and time slot at the beginning, that information is already set. Therefore, tap Book.

The appointment has been made. 


The appointment is flexible, you can press it and drag it to a different time. You can also lengthen and shorten the appointment.

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