How do my clients pay for their Slick online booking?


Depending on how you set it up, clients can pay for their Slick online booking one of two ways—Pay At Salon or Pay Upfront.

Pay At Salon

When Pay At Salon is active, your client's will book online via Slick and pay for their booking via any payment method when they come into the salon for their appointment.

Pay Upfront

Alternatively, when Pay Upfront is active, all clients will pay in full at the time they make their online booking via Slick. When you Accept the client's online booking the full amount is charged to the client's credit card.

Note: For both options (Pay At Salon and Pay Upfront), your nominated credit card will be charged a small transaction fee at the time you Accept the client's Slick online booking. To set up your credit card details, please click here.


Activating either Pay At Salon or Pay Upfront

To setup Pay At Salon or Pay Upfront, go to the Slick section of your Simple Salon account.

Choose Admin, then expand Payment Settings. Under Booking Payment choose either Pay At Salon or Pay Upfront and click Save.


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