Setting up your Online Bookings with Slick


We have partnered with Slick to bring you the most Advanced Online Booking platform out there.

All of your salon's Online Bookings will be made by your clients via the Slick smartphone app.

How the Slick app works

Your existing clients and new clients will find your salon on the Slick app, and based on the services, operators and times you have available will book the appointment they’d like. Your salon will receive a notification of the online booking and when you accept the appointment, a confirmation SMS/email will be sent to the client letting them know that their booking is confirmed.

How to setup your Online Bookings in Slick

Setting up your Online Bookings in Slick only takes a matter of minutes.

The first thing to do is list your salon on Slick so that clients can find you. To do this, in your Simple Salon account, click the Slick logo (top left corner). Tick I accept the Terms & Conditions and click GET STARTED.


Now you need to add your operators, services, and profile pic to your Slick account. Click the article links below and follow the steps.

Step 1 - Introduction to Slick—adding your operators

Step 2 - Introduction to Slick—adding your services

Step 3 - Add or change your Slick profile pic

Once you have followed the steps in the above articles, you'll be ready to take online bookings.

Note: The Slick app will be available to download from the App Store and Google Play in March 2017. Once the app is available you can tell your clients to download it and make their appointments online via the Slick app.

If you have any questions anytime, send them to us from your Help & Support page by clicking Submit a Request.

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